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Tell us your work stories...
...and we'll turn them into future episodes.

Are you stuck in the 9-5?
Do you sometimes find yourself banging your head against the brick wall of bureaucracy?
Struggle to decode the language and acronyms of the modern workplace?
Find yourself longing for the evenings and weekends where you can really live?

Ever wonder whether a recruitment shortage has actually led your HR department to populate the floor with the reanimated living dead?
(It's got to be an attractive option - zombies don't ask for much, and don't have a union)

Ever opened the door to your boss's office and found yourself wondering whether you did in fact see that fleeting glimpse of flames and hellfire as they were giving a briefing to their real boss?  

Well, tell us. We'll post the stories you share in on our Tales of the 9-5 forum below, and we'll incorporate a range of these into future Corporate Rockstar episodes!

So...if you've got a tale of your adventures in the 9-5, why not immortalise it here and help spare others a similar fate.

Join the cause:
Liberating the modern workplace through rock n roll!

Your Stories: Tales of the 9-5...

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